Llama Llove….

Kurt and Judy have been passionate about Llamas since 2001. When they first had
acreage in Elizabeth, CO., they researched what kind of animals would be
environmentally “P.C.” and the Llama fit those requirements. That was where it all started, and they haven’t looked back since.  Now, they have a nice 10 acre llama farm, and have added a couple of alpacas and 2 adorable fiber goats.
Kurt works as a chef, and Judy is a dental assistant.
The time they spend with their Llamas is peaceful and meaningful and they just love what the Llamas bring to their lives.

They raise their Llamas with sound confirmation and fiber quality in mind. Showing,
shearing, packing, and guarding qualities are all important interests to them.
They have traveled to many small farms for shearing, and love to further educate owners about the whole world of their silent brothers, just as others have passed on the knowledge to them. Unconditionally!

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